Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Isoline Map


An isoline map compares a variable across a geographic area and has lines on it that reference areas on that map with the exact same amount of that variable. In the map above, temperature in degrees Fahrenheit is what was being measured and everywhere a line goes has the temperature displayed somewhere on each line.

Propaganda Map


A propaganda map is the use of a distorted or false map to get a political point across. Scale can be manipulated like it is in the propaganda map above to show a political view of what the world was like during the cold war according to Ronald Reagan.

Monday, April 2, 2012

PLSS map


Public Land Surveying Systems have been in use for a long time. It is used to show large land parcels until someone owns them. They are used primarily for rural, wild, and undeveloped land that is "public" until it is purchased from the government. This is a map of DeLorme and the large grids represent each parcel of land under the PLSS.

Hypsometric Map


Hypsometric maps represent the changes in elevation of terrain by varying colors. Usually the lighter shades represent lower levels of elevation and as the elevation increases the colors get darker. This is a map of the world. The green areas represent places of low elevation and the tan areas start to get higher in elevation. The brown and darkest areas have the highest elevation.

Cadastral Map


A cadastral map is a map that gives information about property. It shows ownership of land in both a residential and commercial sense. In the cadastral map above, a neighborhood is shown with the names of the people who own the land.

Thematic Map


A thematic map shows a particular theme that is tied with some geographic area. It can be a social theme or a political theme. Many of the maps that we have looked at fits into the description of a thematic map because it is a very general type of map. It shows one particular set of data on a map. It can depict any type of value for any type of region. In this particular thematic map, the United States is separated by counties and shows the amount of new business.

Planimetric Map


A planimetric map consists of all positions of horizontal features without taking into account elevation. It can show things such as buildings and structures, roads, rivers, and the distances between them. This map of Jefferson county, Kentucky is what was used by the Louisville water company because it was the easiest and fastest way to see all the essential information such as buildings, roads, sidewalks, parking lots and railroads.